Kenstep Microfinance Limited offers credit facilities to Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises and Corporate entities designed with the flexibility of its customers in mind. Kenstep Loans is tailored to meet the specific financing and cash flow needs of individuals and business organizations. At Kenstep Microfinance Limited, every loan request is considered and assessed with an interview with a credit officer to determine the most economical and appropriate loan product best for your request and viability of the request.

The following are the Loan Products of Kenstep Microfinance Limited:


Kenstep Personal Loans

Kenstep Personal Loans provides the opportunity for salaried workers of institutions to apply for credit facility for personal use such as paying of school fees, purchasing vehicle for both personal and commercial use, settlement of rent and other assets at a very competitive rate. The amount a salaried worker is qualified to apply for is dependent on the quantum of their salary. Potential clients can visit any of our branches and agencies for the requirements. We also offer scheme loans for staffs of reliable institutions.

Basic Requirement

  • National ID
  • Two Passport Pictures
  • Pay Slip and Bank Statement
  • Undertaking from Employers
  • Guarantor (His/Her National ID and Passport Picture)
  • Collateral depending on the request


Kenstep Smart Loans

Kenstep Smart Loans are credit facilities designed for individuals and businesses who need cash in the shortest possible time for the following:

  • Trade Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Port Clearing
  • Contract Finance
  • Rent Finance
  • Agric Loans


Basic Requirement

  • Business Registration Document
  • Six (6) Months Bank Statement
  • Financial Statement (Especially Cash Flow Statement)
  • National ID &Passport Pictures Of The Directors, Proprietor, Partners
  • Collateral
  • Guarantor (His/her National ID and Passport Picture)
  • Bill of Lading/Custom Documents (Port Clearing)
  • Invoice (Asset Finance)
  • Letter of Domiciliation (Contract Finance)
  • Other Documents Depending on the Request


Kenstep Nfiti Ase Loans

This is a special loan product designed for Kenstep Susu Account holders who wish to start a business on their own and haves no collateral. The applicant of this loan should be at least three month constant susu contributor of Kenstep Microfinance Limited. The tenure of the loan is at most 12 months. The loan amount a Kenstep Susu Account holder can apply is based on the regular daily contributions.

Basic Requirement

  • Kenstep Susu Account Holder
  • National ID
  • Passport Picture
  • 40% Cash Collateral
  • Guarantor (His/Her National ID and Passport Picture)