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Courtship Dating Lyrics: How do I feel for thee? / Your smile brings disease / Cause we're young, fell in from the stars / When your skin is shed / Find a pile of.
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Bloody Best of ’08 | Cannibal Cheerleader

We do know we love their latest mix Passion Communication. Comprised of 80s synths played on Ferraris that are travelling 88 miles per hour so as to arrive in the future, this mix requires no fast-forwarding, no semantic mumbo-jumbo puns intended. Is anyone on the same page? You can purchase their New EP through their Myspace. The blog always has amazing and rare music, for ardent fans of someone like John Carpenter, Moroder, or simply 80s nostalgia.

Valerie, how do you find them? The Valerie Story explains it all: Official Theme to Valerie vis-a-vis their blog: They're supposedly the Cut Copy of Canada, and that can't be bad. It turns out that Let There Be Night not only provides you with good tunes, we're also helping the environment with our new blog design. According to Blackle , a Google-based search engine with a black color scheme, computer monitors require more energy to display white than they do black.

For example, given the amount of hits that it gets in one year, Google, in a black color setting, could feasibly save megawatts per year. So, that means that every time someone visits our blog, we're displacing the equivalent of the energy that a blowdryer uses up in one second. But through the eyes of their Australian colleagues, Midnight Juggernauts , "Hearts on Fire" is far more dystopic. The trio coats the song with their distinctive space-age keyboards to derail the original meaning of the song, shrouding the happy lyrics in their apocalyptic world-view.

Those same lines might equally describe disease, disaster, or a sole-survivng member of the world race searching the once bustling cities, now completely deserted and dead. Still, this song rocks the dance floor as you can see in their music video , which features what seems to be video clippings of a 's super-awkward bar mitzvah. I went to a bar mitzvah once, and believe me, it was almost just as weird as this one.

Disko Drunkards - Let's Get Physical.

Since I last posted about her, Lykke Li has seen a surge in popularity no correlation, right? And it's easy on the ears too. Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone Fred Falke remix The arrival of this anticipated remix gives me the excuse to write about something else that I've been noticing in the past few days: It seems like the kind of music we post about here, from Australia to Sweden and back, is starting to get picked up by those in high places.

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Songs I never thought I would have heard outside of my own room are popping up in the most peculiar places. I don't know if it's just coincidental or just a sign of the times to come. I have to admit, it gets me excited. So, when else can you hotwire a car, do several drive-bys and get chased by the FBI all while cranking out the sweet sounds of Justice? Simply put, it's amazing.

“courtship dating” – crystal castles (2008)

Just by chance I had recently noticed that on Kavinsky 's site, he had advertised that "Testarossa" was featured on the "electrochoc" channel, so the first time I did my own hotwiring I immediately tuned in. I was thoroughly impressed with the tracklist and quality of mixing. Albeit lo-quality, you can listen to the radio station yourself without playing the game here and here. How the hell did Rockstar catch wind of Bag Raiders?

There are other quality songs on the other stations as well. The documentary , directed by Nanette Burnstein , attempts to tell the story of the American High School Experience more realistically than its predecessors. The trailer features Vitalic 's "Trahison.

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As an adventure, Thursday was an amazing day. We all know well the curves to that LP, the dips and corners, what's to be expected and what will be sung, our favorite songs, repeated to add-infinitum, and it is able to provide the same comfort every time.


General Comment This song is about human taxidermy. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment her voice makes me orgasm. General Comment These are the official lyrics from Andy who runs their label in Canada: Flag Topeka on February 03, General Comment Alice said herself, this song "is about human taxidermy, the idea of preserving the beauty of a lover the way you would an animal. Straight from the mouth the record label: Can we get this or the post above it to the lyrics section, the shit in there now is way off.

Flag AlvkusKimsano on October 06, General Comment those lyrics are legit. Reading through them adds new elements to the track and certainly shaped my perception of what I was listening to. Glass effectively reduces the concept of love to its purest animalistic state and puts it on a perverse display. With her partner with a smile that brings disease, Glass conveys human interaction as a bestial act with strong allusions towards animal lust and the natural physicality of sex.

Glass reduces human sexual interaction to its basic instincts in such a poetic and deep way.

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Since its release seven years ago, I had just now fully realized the environment I was immersed in and it made me appreciate the song and its inherent themes even more. Consider what Glass said about the song. She states that the song is primarily about preservation. There are millions of songs about holding onto love and staying in the here and now. Nothing new about that, but there is a bigger picture here Glass is painting. Can you remember the last time you really looked at a taxidermy animal?

Crystal Castles "CHILD I WILL HURT YOU" Official

I mean, actually look at it closely? You are looking at a ghost; a skewed and perverted representation of a living being. There is something otherworldly and alien about a taxidermy. So, applied to the act of animalistic carnal relations present in the song, the concept of love is criticized. Most songs about love take a particular moment, relationship, or feeling and imposes an everlasting, eternal quality.

To them, something so beautiful should and will last forever; a love for the ages.