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Her song for boyfriend: 'Eurachacha' from 'Rumble Fish'. Personal Kim So Yeon-Park Shi Hoo Prosecutor Princess Shooting () X.
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I feel like she's been on tv forever! What an accomplished woman! How can it finish at 16 when there's sooooo much to be resolved? Or, at least to me it seems like it!!! Granted I've onl read up to recap '11', but Okay, maybe I just need to see what happens. How cute is that? People can't get over them, first Dr. Champ then now QoR! I have watched that scene, too!!! Which episode was this? I have not watch QOR yet. Happy belated birthday Kim So Yeon My wish is for you to get another big drama project soon, one level with IRIS. I love your acting so much, keep up the good job.

And i hope you will win some award this year too.

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She's so much more confident in herself now that she's played in PP. I really adore and admire her. Kim So Yeon is a talented actress.

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I really wish she can get the award that she deserved and get a soulmate soon. Maybe she already got one! I ma sad that they left off at Epi 16, thought there wd be more, like the senior doctor coming back to make things diff for Yeon Woo and more lovey dovey for our 2 leads. Red Moon, Blue Sun: Don't call my K-drama a soap. Clean With Passion for Now: Haechi stars Jung Il-woo as a problematic Prince Yeongjo on quest for justice. Memories of the Alhambra: By the end of the expo, over 73 million people had visited.

T his event is called Expo in interview. Park Si Hoo excitedly said it is his first time in China. Prior to coming to Shanghai TV Festival, he has some expectations. Knowing that "Iljimae" has aired in China, and also heard that many fans had viewed "Prosecutor Princess" via internet, he was wondering, "will there be fans waiting form me at the airport when I go to Shanghai?

Thinking of so many people supporting him in China, he kept saying "I feel very happy! His shy smile bashfully revealed his pride. He looked quite serious at the airport, one would wonder, is his soberness due to the tight Expo security restrictions recently imposed by the local government, or is he hurt by the crowding fans at the airport? Park Si Hoo answered my question with a surprised look, and said "seeing so many people to welcome me made me very happy, and let me feel the magnitude of passion of the Chinese fans. He did not expect the kiss scene to be so well received with such an overwhelmingly positive response.

What is his ideal date for White Day? His ideal style for dating? He said he is very much set by the first impression. And, he likes the lovely and cute style. When questioned, is Mahyeri of "Prosecutor Princess" considered a cute girl? How does he interact with his first ladies? Through out their drama shooting period, they worked very smoothly and harmoniously together. Through the tight filming schedule, they were shooting non-stop.

These two are friends, comrades and lovers. We have kisses that highlight all of these. The first kiss is an adorable kiss that is a stolen chaste kiss. Seung-yoo and Se-ryung have just finished a most wonderful date and Seung-yoo is a happy little boy. He has her in his grasp so he does what any self-respecting love-sick puppy would do: Said damsel is embarrassed but extremely pleased.

Her teacher and friend has turned into her lover. The next kiss comes after the couple has gone through hell and back.

Park Si Hoo – Which Actress Has Best Chemistry With Him?

Seung-yoo has lost everything. Se-ryung has been disenchanted with her father.

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Together they heal each other through constant support, compromise, and loving strongly. At this point in the story, they have come to accept each other, not only as lovers, but as comrades. This kiss begins sweetly as he kisses her forehead, eye and cheek. He is appreciating her.

Park shi hoo kim so yeon dating

Then he kisses her and we are left fanning ourselves. He finally has come to accept her despite all the obstacles. It shows in this kiss.

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  • The last two photos above depict a desperate hot kiss before he goes off to fight and a hot kiss that holds a promise of a beautiful wedding night. It holds so many meanings because the depth of their relationship. The wedding night kiss is beautiful. They are committing to each other knowing that the future is grim. They are living in the here and now. This princess is happy. I have not yet seen the series. Pictured above are six of all sorts. Yoon Jung-hee has this regal quality about her. In the screencaps you can see how reverent her character is. This relationship means the world to Ha Dan-ah.

    When Kang-suk kisses her, the world disappears. Check out the second picture in the second column. Her eyes are closed and she is enjoying the sublime moment of a stolen chaste kiss. What is your definition of the perfect kiss?

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    I will be adding more examples in the explanation of kisses as I come across them. For now, check out my photobucket of unused photos. End Park Shi-hoo the Miniseries: Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: I agree that he is a great kisser. I watch k dramas with the same passion as Raine. By the way you have an interesting name. What is it that you dreamt about? MCW is such beautifull, sweet, gentle women eventhough she is brave and firm.

    They really did have some sizzling chemistry. Plus, PSH really did think she was very beautiful as he mentioned while blushing in interviews. Thank you soo bin! You describe all of them so vividly. Especially that kiss of her arrow wound on her bare back.


    Somehow his taking off her coat builds up the intensity of the moment. And his lips touching her bare skin was so sensuous, my heart began to paipitate. I really love that moment when he kisses her back. MadDino is a goddess for her aniGifs. Of course I would read everything you write on Park Shi Hoo.

    Just like I am now overseas and checking for more articles you may write on him.